LinkedIn Launches Direct Ads

Last week LinkedIn quietly launched their new LinkedIn Direct Ads service. LinkedIn Direct Ads is a similar service to that which is currently offered by Facebook via their SocialAds program. LinkedIn’s offering targets based on age, gender, industry, and seniority of ad viewers. As pictured in the image below, advertisements show up above the fold. Additionally, these advertisements are currently limited to the United States.

One thing that was substantially different from SocialAds is that the owner of advertisements is displayed next to ads. As the Direct Ads documentation reads, “LinkedIn DirectAds feature your name and a link to your LinkedIn profile on advertisements that you purchase. We want to provide LinkedIn members who view your advertisement with as much transparency and visibility into the advertiser as is appropriate for our community.”

Currently the minimum order for advertisement purchases is $25 and it appears that ads are charged based on a CPM model (cost per thousand impressions). While there has been no test of the advertisements run on this system versus Facebook Ads, this systems has been positioned as a direct competitor. I’m not so sure that the CPM model will wok in the long run though.

Thanks to Rob Webb for the heads up.

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