See How Your Profile Compares to Others on LinkedIn

LinkedIn's new feature, "How You Rank," will compare a user's profile views to others in the same network.



Today, LinkedIn announced a new tool in its popular “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” section. “How You Rank” will compare a user’s profile views to others in his/her network, so users can see how they stack up to their connections.

The feature also shows you the highest-ranking users in a your network, “to gain inspiration for changes you can make to your own profile, or content you can share to increase views to your profile and drive opportunities for advancement,” said the blog post announcing the news.

It also offers some personalized recommendations for how you can boost your own rank.

According to LinkedIn, the new feature can be helpful for a variety of users:

For job seekers: Recruiters at some companies receive hundreds of applicants for a single position. If you’ve submitted a resume or LinkedIn Profile already, try taking a look at the profile of the recruiter managing the position. If they see you’ve looked at their profile, they’re more likely to look at yours. Nearly 80% of candidates today are found through networking – so if you notice a recruiter at a company you’re interested in has viewed your profile, don’t be afraid to reach out to them.
For consultants and business owners: Professionals come to your LinkedIn profile from all over the web, but rich data insights such as the keywords that led people to your profile, can help you determine how to effectively position yourself to attract new business and make valuable new connections. You can now also use the “How You Rank” tab to better understand who in your network can help increase visibility for your business.
For students and new graduates: Students in search of their first job or trying to thoughtfully build their network can use Who’s Viewed Your Profile to attract the attention of recruiters or connect with potential mentors. Find alumni that have graduated from your school, view their profile or reach out and say hello. If you notice someone viewed your profile from an industry you’re interested in joining, don’t be afraid to reach out, introduce yourself and see what words of wisdom they may have for someone just starting out. Learn the best practices for crafting a rich Profile by browsing the most-viewed Members in your network in the “How You Rank” tab.

Readers: What do you think of the new tool?

*image via LinkedIn

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