LinkedIn’s Career Expert Shares 3 Tricks for Optimizing Your Profile

How sharing content on LinkedIn can help your profile get noticed.


Nicole Williams has made a career out of helping others find their path to success. With three best-selling books and her own lifestyle brand, WORKS By Nicole Williams, a job at LinkedIn was a natural next step.

As the site’s career expert, Williams helps job-searchers optimize their chance of landing a dream gig. In the latest installment of our long-running series, So What Do You Do?, Williams shares her top three tricks for optimizing your profile:

1. OK so the first is picture. Profiles that contain a photograph are 11 times more likely to be viewed than those that don’t.

2. People think that, ‘OK, I’m just going to [post] my most recent position.’ But in a lot of instances, employers [are] looking for someone with 10 years’ work experience, and a lot of the skill sets are transferable. So even though you worked in marketing and you’re looking for a web design job, you definitely want to have both of those opportunities listed. And we know that profiles that list more than one job are 12 times more likely to be viewed by a hiring manager.

3. Then share content. LinkedIn offers an influencer program whereby you can essentially get mentored by these amazing business people, like Bill Gates and Meg Whitman. Sharing [content] demonstrates that you’re active in your career, you’re invested in your career and you’re not just looking to take.

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