LinkedIn Announces New Job Aggregators

linkedinThis just in…LinkedIn is starting to aggregate jobs from U.S. employers by calling them “Limited Listings.” Listings will include hundreds of thousands of jobs aggregated from career sites and applicant tracking systems from employers.

These listings will end up supplementing actual listings employers pay for but they’ll be made available for members on LinkedIn who actually search to find them. Limited Listings won’t include double postings so if an employer paid for an ad and it’s also appearing in the aggregator, it will only appear once. Makes sense, right?

According to a piece on ERE, per a company spokesperson the Limited Listings will target a different type of group of candidates. “They only go to active candidates…candidates who are looking for jobs.” Although it’s unclear as to how many employers will be included in the new job board, the aggregator will apparently double the jobs available to 700,000 after today’s launch.