LinkedIn Acquires Job Search Start-Up for $120 Million

linkedinWe always rely on LinkedIn for building our connections and ramping up recommendations but it looks like they site has big plans to expand their scope. That is, big plans to the tune of a multi-million dollar investment!

Per Tech Times, LinkedIn has acquired for $120 million! The start-up relies on technology to show employers and job seekers how they match. It sounds like the goal is for LinkedIn to leverage Bright’s technology to update suggestions for employers who are hiring as well as prompt users to think about potential jobs.

Then there’s also “Bright Score.” The matching feature looks at several variables by saving time for employers to search.

Per the piece, Bright founder Eduardo Vivas explained:

“We decided to join LinkedIn because of what we lacked – the ability to apply this technology across the entire economy. We share LinkedIn’s passion for connecting talent with opportunity at massive scale. And we agree that the old models for online recruiting are hopelessly broken.

Joining an organization with the talent and resources of LinkedIn will only serve to further ignite our passion for solving this problem. We may become less visible than we were before, but it’s now more likely than ever that you’ll feel the impact of our work.”

This deal is the biggest acquisition yet for LinkedIn and it’s anticipated to be an official done deal by the end of this quarter. It sounds like several teammates on will end up joining LinkedIn but it’s not clear whether or not Bright CEO Steve Goodman will join the social networking site.