LinkedIn 3.1 for iPhone Promises a Better Mobile Social Networking App

Although the iPhone OS 3.1 has been around for quite some time now, it is only now that LinkedIn’s iPhone app is being updated to adapt to the new version of the iPhone OS. But like they said better late than never, right?

So, what does the LinkedIn iPhone app 3.1. has to offer for us loyal LinkedIn members who continue to maintain our own LinkedIn accounts aside from our Facebook and Twitter account? Pretty much actually. And all these feature enhancements were based on the feedback from users which the LinkedIn team have gathered and took into account of before they updated their iPhone app.

One of the major new feature of the LinkedIn iPhone app 3.1 is that it is now easier to mark a LinkedIn connection as favorite. Once you’ve marked a good number of your LinkedIn connections as favorites you can go through this list anytime you want to send them some updates or other information. You can also filter updates that are being sent to your based on these list. Of course you get to do that with a simple swipe of a finger.

You can also now update your status from your profile page. Other new features include:

  • Easier to discover, build, and manage your Favorites list
  • Easier to understand and use ‘Download All’ functionality based on user feedback
  • Set your status directly from your profile
  • You can now send messages to multiple people more easily
  • Fixed a number of issues reported by our users – thanks everyone!

So, what do you think? Are you still maintaining a LinkedIn account? Will these new features entice you to be more active on LinkedIn?