Friday Roundup: The Week in Journalism

huffpostAPtweet.jpgIf anyone complained about dog days of summer in the newsroom, this week you got what you wished for. Here are some highlights in all of the chaos that was the news this week:

1) You can’t win if you’re covering Gaza. John Stewart illustrated this best in a skit on Monday night. And the New York Observer called out the New York Times for what it thinks is biased coverage of recent events. The ‘paper of record’ doesn’t think it’s doing anything wrong. What about you? How have you been staying objective — or have you decided to ditch that effort?

BREAKING: Dutch military plane carrying bodies from Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash lands in Eindhoven.

— The Associated Press (@AP) July 23, 2014

2) A lot of us need to read slower and learn AP style. On Tuesday, the AP tweeted about a plane carrying the victims of flight MH17. AP style is “crash-landed,” anyway, but a lot of us journos need to slow down. It was like we were waiting to start a fight with them.

3) On a totally lighter note, no one knows why or where those flags came from on the Brooklyn Bridge. But in case you missed it, the AP (ahem!) and the Daily News were fooled by a parody Twitter account that claimed responsibility. It’s not just that they fell for a clever ruse: the account states that it’s a parody account in its bio.

Any personal favorites this week? Share your favorite news scandal, mishap, or issue with us in the comments below or @10,000Words.