Link all your web-based email in Zenbe web mail service

zenbe_logo.jpgI must admit that when I got an invitation from Zenbe to check out their web mail service, I didn’t gave it much attention as I was busy writing some posts. But when I finally get to look at Zenbe, I couldn’t stop exploring further what the site can offer. And boy was I amazed at the rich feature that Zenbe has to offer.Like we said, Zenbe is a web mail service that lets you integrate all your webmail accounts from Gmail, Yahoo! Mail Plus, Hotmail Plus and other web mail service. After creating your Zenbe account, you can instantly link your other web mail accounts.

But webmail is not all there is to Zenbe. It has other features as well that lets you do the following:

  • Tag your emails
  • Create rules for managing your emails
  • Import your calendars or create your own calendar in Zenbe
  • Import all your contacts
  • Share agenda or task list and chat live, invite collaborators and start working on projects online
  • View Facebook updates

In other words, Zenbe is an email client, a social sharing site, a mash up, a social networking aggregators and more. No matter what you want to call it, one thing is for sure, Zenbe is a very useful tool and given the proper VC funding, it has all the making of being a killer startups and perhaps a killer web 2.0 application later on.

Check Zenbe out, and find out for yourselves why I consider it as a great web 2.0 service.