Lines, Lines, Everywhere Lines

1105 024.JPG

After the Washington Post a.) sold all of its Wednesday papers and b.) announced that it would put out additional copies of a commemorative edition, lines formed all over the city yesterday afternoon in anticipation of the extra copies.

The line at the Washington Post’s 15th Street headquarters was especially long, but at pretty much any CVS, Safeway or 7-11 around town, Postie fans could be found.

Join us after the jump for a photo tour…

ALSO: Joel Achenbach also snapped some pics (and if you have access to this Facebook album, you can see some more pics from inside the Washington Post newsroom). We also heard that, when the Post ran out of its papers this morning, the Examiner sent hawkers to their building and handed out over 2,000 copies of its paper.

AND: Some news about’s big traffic day.

FINALLY: The line is BACK today at the Washington Post, with more folks trying to get their hands on the commemorative edition.