Lindsay Lohan Leaves Mag in the Lurch

Complex magazine recently found themselves in something of a pickle when the subject of their upcoming cover story blew them off. Actress Lindsay Lohan had agreed to an interview for the August/September issue, and had even shown up to the photo shoot – then promptly stopped returning the mag’s calls. Left with nothing but a pile of pretty pictures, Complex went to press with the story they had, which included this disclaimer:

So here we are. As we go to press, it’s late June – more than a month since we shot these pictures – and we still haven’t gotten our interview. Emails have gone unanswered; the same for voicemails we left with her mom, Dina. The photographers’ agent, who’s known Lindsay for a long time, admitted to us that he hasn’t had contact with her for weeks. When you don’t have a publicist and your personal assistant resigns, it’s a lot easier to disappear.

The magazine is still holding onto hope that the precious interview with Lohan will materialize someday. Addressing the troubled actress, they write, “Whenever you’re ready, we’re ready. And we haven’t given up on you.”