A Mystery Novel Tied to the Idea of Googling Yourself

When Google is an accessory to the crimes.

3WomenCoverAt one point or another, most people have Googled themselves to see what kind of illustrious and not so illustrious people share the same name. Per a fun roundup for the Syracuse Post-Standard of novels set in central New York, that idea is the plot spark for Linda Sands’ mystery tome 3 Women Walk Into a Bar.

From Nicki Giorny’s piece:

“I played with that idea,” said Sands, who grew up in Baldwinsville and currently lives in Georgia. “The story began to roll from that.”

The “bad guy” in Sands’ mystery novel decides to assume the life of a man who shares his name after doing one of these Internet searches. That’s how he winds up tending bar in an Irish pub in Syracuse, where three women are found murdered in the book’s first pages. With a clearly guilty bartender, the mystery behind the murders is not so much who as why. Private investigator Bill “Free Willy” Tedesco sets out to find an answer.

Sands will be back in Syracuse August 1 for a book release party at Coleman’s Irish pub. As a side note, Giorny first started writing for the paper in the fall of 2014, while enrolled in journalism at Syracuse University. Read the rest of her summer reads rundown here.
[Jacket cover courtesy: Kindle Press]