Fifty Reasons to Love John Waters

JohnWatersLincolnCenterBeginning tonight with Female Trouble and ending September 14 with Cry-Baby, Film Society Lincoln Center is paying tribute to an American original via “Fifty Years of John Waters: How Much Can You Take?

If Waters so chooses, FishbowlNY can take 50 more years. Partly because it will mean that we are treated to many more interviews like this one, in the New York Times, by Melena Ryzik. Here’s the 68-year-old Waters on the halo of the Lincoln Center event:

The retrospective is “the first time I can say I’m really being honored without irony,” he said in a phone interview. “It’s like being alive at your funeral. I’m not going to get anything better.”

And here’s Waters underscoring just how long ago it was when he made his first short, Hag in a Black Leather Jacket:

“It’s [about] a KKK man marrying a white girl and a black guy on the roof of my mother’s house. It was very influenced by theater of the absurd. My girlfriend — it was that long ago! — does a ballet, and then she’s in a trash can…”

“It was only shown once. From a beatnik coffee house to Lincoln Center, with no showings in between, and you’ll see why. But I’m not saying that my subject matter has ever changed.”

Ha ha. The retrospective also includes a handful of selections from Waters under the heading “Movies I’m Jealous I Didn’t Make.” They include the 1986 French drama Thérèse, which he describes as capturing “Catholic lunacy at its most disturbing.”

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