Limbo: Mobile Ads Change Voter Behavior

What follows is from a company announcing that it’s own ad campaign succeeded, so take these findings with a huge grain of salt. In January 2008, Limbo ran SMS advertising campaigns for leading Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, in the process delivering one million SMS impressions across the two campaigns.

The company said that the campaigns “scored 53 percent awareness, in line with other SMS programs, but higher than might be expected from traditional forms of media. The overall impact was considerable with 28 percent altering their voting intentions.”

The company also said that 14 percent of participants now thought more highly of their candidates, while only 4 percent thought less so. If anything, this highly biased report begs for a more objective third-party analysis of political mobile ad campaigns in general. M:Metrics? Gallup? Anyone?

Limbo Reports Mobile Advertising Changes Voters’ Attitudes and Behaviors