Limbaugh’s Impression Du Jour

It seems even Rush Limbaugh is tiring of Politico Mike Allen’s shtick. Allen’s interview with Governor Rick Perry of Texas is making waves for all the wrong reasons. When Allen asked Perry about a campaign source who talked about how disorganized they were, Perry bristled and repeatedly asked the reporter, “You got a name?” On Tuesday’s broadcast, Limbaugh applauded Perry for standing firm and not allowing himself to be badgered by Allen. The radio host said many claim Perry “looks slow”, but he insists it isn’t true. He suggested Allen could be inventing things for a story. While Allen insists that he obtained the information from a source inside the Perry campaign, Limbaugh says, “There doesn’t have to be anybody saying anything. The journalist can simply think something and then put that in the mouth or in the words of some person who doesn’t exist and say it’s ‘a critic.'” Limbaugh continues the half-praise of Perry and half-assault on Allen’s media credentials for several minutes and then gives us a brutal rendition of the exchange.

Listen to Rush Limbaugh’s Mike Allen Impression

Poor Allen. Staring at your interview subject the way a squirrel stares at a ringing telephone is an interesting interview technique, but sadly, not very effective.