Lily Allen Gets Social Networking TV Show

According to the Times, Lily Allen, the reggae-pop artist, will be hosting a new show on the BBC. The subject of the television show? Myspace and Facebook. As the article states:

With the working title Lily Allen And Friends, the show will be based on the social networking phenomenon sweeping the world. Paying homage to internet sites like MySpace and Facebook, viewers will be invited to become Allen’s virtual friends and will then be able to contribute to the show’s discussions and put questions to the singer’s guests.

If you thought social networking was hot, this confirms it. Lily Allen has become well known for being “real” with fans rather then hiding behind a false image. This sort of persona is what is required to become an internet sensation. Just yesterday, I was discussing the importance of personal transparency on the web with a fellow attendee of last week’s New New Internet Conference hosted right outside of Washington, D.C. Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV has gained a cult following thanks to his openness with fans.

It appears as though traditional media is rapidly adopting many new media tactics. Lilly Allen seems perfect for hosting this show given that her popularity began with her MySpace page which attracted hundreds of thousands of dedicated fans. Unfortunately, this show is only being broadcasted in England but hopefully it soon expands internationally. I’d watch a show about social networks but would most people?