From Anna Wintour’s Office to GQ Style

Lili Goksenin started out in 2013 as executive assistant to the Vogue editor in chief.

Lili Göksenin had a colorful run at Vogue magazine.

That’s her, above, in 2013, when she was an executive assistant to Anna Wintour, participating in a video series called “Jeanius.” And more recently, last year, having moved up to features associate, Göksenin wrote about getting a tattoo from famed artist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy:

Getting a tattoo was kind of the best thing ever. Bang Bang, in addition to being a Very Cool Dude, is a professional and an artist, and working with him instantly calmed me. We sat in front of a huge monitor and designed the image—a jasmine in honor of my sister’s name—together. The actual needle part was pretty low on the pain scale, and the post-tat euphoria was real, people. I now understand the concept of tattoo addiction—five blocks away from the shop, I was contemplating going back for more.

Göksenin, ahead of the holidays, moved into the next phase of her professional life: digital editor of “Lili is a zippy and sharp writer who’s brimming with original story ideas, and she’s got a finely-tuned radar for not just high fashion but also style subcultures and interesting men of note,” said GQ Style editor in chief Will Welch in a statement. “She thinks differently from the rest of the men’s style universe, and that makes her ideal for what we’re developing with–a whole new voice in the digital space.” launched in August. Read more of Goksenin’s Vogue coverage of “Bang Bang” here.