(Lil) Blue Cove is Actually “Green”

For a long time now, (Lil) Green Patch has been the number one game on Facebook, and from the success of this application has come the next iteration known as (Lil) Blue Cove. However, (Lil) Blue Cover purports to be more than just a game: every game play generated revenue that is donated towards saving our rainforests. The most recent donation went to the “Adopt an Acre” program of the Nature Conservancy.

The game itself is similar enough to its predecessor. Players start with their own little patch, well in this case a cove, in which to place all their fish and decorations. Every day, various tasks need to be done in order to keep your cove clean and safe, and you can use the money you earn (“Greenbucks”) to purchase various decorations, tools, grab bags for special rewards, and themes for your “(Lil) Blue Cove.”

Of course, as this is a Facebook application, it has to have its social benefits, and like (Lil) Green Patch, you are capable of sending fish and gifts to your friends to use in their game. In fact, you can even “visit” their cove and take care of some of the problems there (i.e. a bird is going to eat their fish, use some bread to distract it). While this sounds simple, the real beauty of it is that players can actually measure the amount they are helping the world’s rainforests.

Here, sending fish is not merely a game mechanic. For every 10 friends that receive a fish, you effectively save one square foot of rain forest from deforestation. Granted, one square foot doesn’t exactly seem like a lot, but one has to consider the huge number of people playing this game.

The growth charts for (Lil) Blue Cove has shown that in the few weeks that it has been available to the public, this game has grown from 0 to nearly 800,000 players. Perhaps, part of this is because both (Lil) Green Patch and (Lil) Blue Cove are linked to each other from within each respective game, and that players can switch back and forth between them whenever they wish. There is no denying that fans of such a popular game would not at least try a new title by the same developers. However, the cause behind it has to help a great deal too.

In this day in age where “going green” is such a huge deal in the world, there is no doubt that any opportunity for someone to help out would have a large impact. And with the vast accessibility of Facebook, (Lil) Blue Cove is a great method to reach out and help the environment.

The method is definitely working too. All ready, the community for this game has effectively saved 59,098,167 square feet of rainforests. If this is what can be accomplished in just a few weeks, imagine what the next couple months will bring. It’s about saving our world, and if playing a game will help do it, then so be it. After all… it is the only Earth we’ve got.

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