Likes, Bonuses and Page Managers Are On This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

Snarky comments have won the day on this week’s AppData list of emerging Facebook apps, defined as titles that still have less than a million monthly active users.  In the lead is Like It Too, which is mainly composed of sarcastic and funny quips that people can “Like” in order to have it appear on their wall.

The full list contains a wider variety of apps than usual:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Like It Too700,703+460,224+191%
2. #1 Song On My Birthday539,525+450,825+508%
3. Farm Bonuses573,688+445,790+349%
4. PicBadges871,816+340,389+64%
5. Pool Master 2438,424+297,022+210%
6. Starbucks Card650,975+287,179+79%
7. OyunPark684,354+229,018+50%
8. Twitter for Pages922,051+227,621+33%
9. PM Welcome Tab784,997+220,591+39%
10. MyGame811,696+196,326+32%
11. Sweepstakes951,237+192,911+25%
12. SuperPoke! Pets612,935+191,944+46%
13. Die Herausforderung der Städte194,833+191,389+5,557%
14. Entrevista Social602,557+182,375+43%
15. iLike this Artist854,147+180,788+27%
16. Fantasy Kingdoms719,757+172,681+32%
17. iCast737,015+171,557+30%
18. Downhill Snowboard202,186+169,864+526%
19. Puzzle Saga623,302+169,328+37%
20. Crazy Cabbie198,446+165,953+511%

At number two, #1 Song On My Birthday is just the latest version of a time-honored web app. After finding out your birthday, it tells you what the top charting song was on the day you were born.

Farm Bonuses is similar to one that we’ve seen before called Frontier Bonuses; both scrape the walls of your friends in search of shared virtual goods from Zynga games. While thousands of apps purporting to help play social games have appeared and subsequently been banned on Facebook, 101 Apps‘ titles take a different tack, and seem to be surviving because of it.

PicBadges modifies your profile picture to show support for a cause, or just a mindset, by placing a logo over the photo. It’s followed by Pool Master 2, a new casual game.

Starbucks Card is worth a look; it provides a place both to manage your existing card by adding to the balance or setting up auto-reload, or to buy a new card. With the gifting season coming up, the latter use is probably what’s driving growth.

Finally, Twitter for Pages and PM Welcome Tab are both page management tools. The first is actually built by a significant brand, Involver; it’s used to manage a Twitter stream on a Page, but it also appears to be temporarily closed to new accounts. PM Welcome Tab, by Pagemodo, is a simple management tool for smaller brands.