Facebook Adds “Like this Open Graph Object” Button to Open Graph Activity Stories

Facebook has added the option to instantly Like an Open Graph object to the activity story published when a friend Likes an Open Graph object, such as a website or news article

Previously users only had the option to Like (show appreciation for) the story, or visit the object, but not Like the object. The change should help users quickly connect to more Open Graph objects without leaving Facebook.

The change is part of a wave of updates to how users interact with Pages, applications, and Open Graph objects on walls and the news feed. Facebook added an Unlike button to feed and activity stories published by Pages and Open Graph objects, and began allowing users to remove, mute or blacklist an application upon removing one its stories — both to help users punish spammy publishers.

Now when a friend finds and Likes an interesting piece of content somewhere outside of Facebook, users can join them in connecting to the object by clicking the “Like this page” or “Like this link” button. Once Liked, users are given the option to rescind the Like with an Unlike button.

One issue with the change is that since the word Like now appears twice on stories — once to show your appreciation for a friend’s action, and again to connect to content publisher — some users may be confused.

Open Graph objects often have a narrower focus and audience than Pages, meaning that when users do find an object that interests them, it can send them highly relevant updates. Close friends frequently have very similar interests and opinions, making them a reliable way to find appealing Open Graph objects.

Any Open Graph Likes of real world objects that have publishing privileges appear in the Interests section of the user’s profile, and from there users can visit the original site and Unlike them if they want. Open Graph Likes without publishing privileges — those of news articles and other digital content, don’t appear in the profile, and and can only be Unliked from the activity feed post about the original Like, or by visiting the original site.