Like father, like son and back again: Rupert Murdoch steps back in at the Post

Wow. Just when you thought the Murdoch family drama couldn’t get any more interesting Rupert, God bless him, goes and pulls the kind of ballsy, unexpected move that no doubt helped get him where he is today: he’s stepping in to the publisher’s role at the New York Post, vacant as it is since his son Lachlan‘s abrupt departure Friday.

Rupert will keep Lachlan’s team in place, and his rep Howard Rubenstein denied that there was a substantial rift to the NY Daily News. The New York Times, meanwhile, predicts a slugfest between Rupert and that other NYC tab-owning billionaire, Mort Zuckerman.

For today, though, the battle is actually between the New York Times and the Daily News to see who came up with the best lede. Oh wait! It’s a tie! Regardez:

NYT lede: “It’s back to the future at The New York Post.”
NYDN lede: “It’s back to the future at the New York Post: Rupert Murdoch is taking over as publisher.”

Oh, boy! This is already fun. Welcome back to the NYC media fold, Rupert!