Lightt 3.0 brings new features to social video sharing platform on iOS

Image via Lightt
Image via Lightt

Video creation and sharing platform Lightt has been updated to version 3.0, bringing a host of new features to the platform, which allows users to create lengthy video timelines, rather than focusing on simple six or 15 second clips, as is the case with Vine and Instagram, respectively. The app was first released in September of last year, but has undergone some major updates leading to this newest version.

[contextly_sidebar id=”d08595907f4c5cd93eb3836b85a98f5f”]Lightt allows users to tap and hold on the screen to capture video clips of customizable lengths, and then share those clips in one endless timeline. When visiting a user’s profile, the social platform offers all of the user’s clips in a row, allowing others to view a non-stop version of the user’s Lightt history.

Each individual clip can be highly edited using real-time filters, voice overs and other effects like swirl, pinch, blur and halftone (among others). The app encourages users to try their hand at making stop motion videos with anti-shake and ghosting toggles, and goes one step further into the customization realm with the ability to add songs to provide a soundtrack for part or all of a user’s timeline.

“The new Lightt is all about making it easier to truly express and share your life,” says Alex Mostoufi, CEO of Lightt, in a company statement.  “Our best experiences are usually more than a few seconds long. But that’s beyond the capability of most mobile video apps. Lightt removes these limitations and makes it effortless and intuitive to capture, filter, edit, trim and add music, as you go, so you can share and remember more of your life.”

Since users are likely going to create videos from multiple events in life, they can isolate moments from a particular event or location in separate video timelines or channels. Users can check-in when posting clips, adding their Lightt clips to an in-app map, which also allows for browsing of other users’ own creations.

Like other mobile social platforms, Lightt allows users to follow others, search for Lightt clips based on hashtag, and like or comment on individual clips. Finally, users can import existing clips from their camera roll, and share clips outside of Lightt to platforms like Facebook, Twitter or email.

Lightt is now available to download for free on iOS devices. Check back soon to follow the app on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.