Lights, Camera, Action! Cool Jobs at the Academy Awards

oscarsAs the Oscars illuminate on Sunday night (and will no doubt light up Twitter as well), from a job perspective we can’t help but think about the various roles the annual event will employ.

Courtesy of our friends at AOL Jobs, here’s a look at a variety of Academy-inspired jobs.

If you’re a script coordinator earning an annual salary of approximately $43,000, you’re the liaison between the writing department and the production team. Per the piece, tasks can range from pretty mundane like printing out several copies of the script to extremely specialized like making constant revisions.

Moving right along, audio mixers earn the tune of $35,000 per year as they stand at the back of the house tending to their “office” better known as a mixing console. Just think about all of the sound that goes down during Oscar night — the orchestra, audience, presenters and host.

Now, let’s talk producing! The average salary of a producer is $65,000. In addition to hiring the director and crew members, they manage a budget and per the piece, “serve as the logistical brain for the entire project. The cool thing about the Academy Awards is the variety of producers. There are finance-geared ones like line producers all the way to executives who wheel the deals.

In addition to countless journalists and photographers wielding the red carpet and press room, we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about production assistants (annual salary: $36,000). These up-and-comers typically have dreams as lofty as the Oscars themselves as they sport a microphone headset and do whatever it takes. Not like the others don’t do whatever it takes but PAs tend to do a lot of grunt work in terms of setting up and breaking down equipment and helping out everywhere such as making sure everyone’s walkie talkies are fully functional.

The piece adds, “It’s a job for the eager-to-learn, but on the Oscars, even production assistants need to be experienced and highly disciplined.”

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