LightPole, Six Apart: Where the (Mobile) Blogs Are

As enjoyable and informative as blogs are to read (and write), except for conversations carried on through the comment section, blogs are fairly static.

That’s not completely true anymore.

Mobile application service provider LightPole and blogging software leader Six Apart have come out with a way for bloggers using Six Apart’s Moveable Type platform (like to “geo-tag” their blogs. This means that bloggers can download the Geo-Type Plug-In, include points of interest or other locations in their posts and then “tag” them before publishing the feed. Readers who get the blogs on their mobile phones will then be able to map the exact location discussed in the blog.

“This is the year of ‘where’ and LightPole is leading the charge into the location-based technology frontier by using familiar tools to bring the Web to mobile phones,” said LightPole CEO Doug Klein. “Our work with Six Apart provides a natural extension to the world’s leading blog platforms and, in one simple stroke, brings the blogging community into the rapidly emerging geo-Web and ecosystem of location-based, mobile services – two super hot markets.”

Click continued to read more about LightPole and some Moveable Type blogs using the Geo-Type Plug-In.

LightPole’s goal is to make it easy for Web sites to get onto mobile phones and make money from their mobile ventures, Klein told Mobile Content Today. It focuses on “long tail” content and services and giving consumers a way to find these niche sites, particularly those that are location-aware.

Where GPS services get you from Point A to Point B, LightPole wants to help answer the question that comes next: “I’m here, now what’s around me that I might find interesting?” LightPole has a growing network of content partners with location-aware sites that provide info on what to do, what to see and what to eat.

With the launch of the Six Apart plug-in, LightPole announced the addition of four Moveable Type blogs, all now using Geo-Type, to its content partner list:

* Brownstoner ( is a site about Brooklyn real estate and renovation, and all the tangential topics that impact life inside and outside the home in Brooklyn. Launched in October 2004, the site currently has about 150,000 unique visitors per month.

* Gothamist ( owns and operates a network of city blogs. Founded in 2003 and led by the NYC flagship site , the network includes 14 Web sites in five countries, each covering local news, events, food and entertainment for an avid audience of young urbanites. The network has grown year-over-year by more than 100% and currently has 10.2 million monthly page views.

* (, PAPER Magazine‘s online publication, has been the online source for trendsetters in major cities around the world for 14 years, featuring the latest happenings and goings on in fashion, art, music, design and nightlife.

* Serious Eats ( is a Web site focused on celebrating and sharing food enthusiasm through blogs and online community.

The Geo-Type Plug-In for Movable Type is available at

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