Lightning Was Here Puzzle Book: Pixar Cars Themed iPhone/iPad App for the Younger Set

Video courtesy of DisneyDigitalBooks

I almost passed on mentioning the Pixar “Cars” themed iPhone/iPad 99 cent app

Lightning Was Here: My Puzzle Book (iTunes App Store)

It is, after all, just slight variation of Disney’s other iOS “puzzle book” apps. Three things changed my mind:

1. The app appeared to be nearly impossible to find because I preceded the “lightning was here” app name with “cars” thinking that would help narrow down the search. Instead, it hid the app completely. The moral to the story is don’t think too hard about searching in iTunes.

2. The previous two “puzzle book” apps were based on a Disney character (Mickey Mouse) and a Disney purchased character (Winnie the Pooh). This “Cars” based app is the first using a Pixar character. I thought that in itself was interesting. I also thought it was interesting since Cars, though successful at the box office, was probably one of the lesser Pixar movies.

3.While “Lightning Was Here” is just a variation on a theme, kids like doing something they like over and over again. If they liked the previous puzzle book apps, they probably will like this one. And, theme repetition isn’t limited to kids. You probably bought both Angry Birds and Angry Birds Holiday Editions, didn’t you? 🙂