Light Drug Use – Why the Hell Not?

Tea Partiers, you may want to shield yourselves for this one.

The National Press Club hosted a special screening last night of the new doc highlighting the failures of the 40-year global war on drugs called, “Breaking the Taboo.” After the film, they had a panel discussion featuring five prominent drug policy experts and a Q&A with the audience. The event was monitored by Bob Cusack, managing editor of The Hill. Members of the panel included Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-Rhode Island), A.T. Wall, director of the Rhode Island Dept. of Corrections, Ethan Nadelmann, exec. director of the Drug Policy Alliance and Naya Arbiter of the Amity Foundation.

Which former presidents support the end of the war on drugs and what did FishbowlDC ask Sir Richard? Jump to find out.

During the panel discussion, each expert expressed views with an overall consensus: the war on drugs has been lost and must end.

Nadelmann believes that we need to reduce the harm of drugs and drug policies, as well as reduce the role of criminals in the production and distribution of harder drugs like cocaine and heroin.

Former presidents are stepping up against the lies of drug rhetoric. Those leaders include former U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, former Colombian President Cesar Gavaria, and former Brazilian President Fernando Cardoso, all of whom were featured in the film.

Midway through the Q&A session we asked the panel,”Who in Washington, in your opinion, could benefit the most from a little light drug use?” Naya replied, “Just one?” Sir Richard added “The members of the Tea Party. Heavy, heavy drug use.”