Liftshare: British Car Share Network Launches on Android

The app allows users to share their car seats with others looking to reach the same destination


British car share network Liftshare has launched its app on Android devices, giving travelers in the UK another money-saving option for reaching their desired destinations. Unlike a taxi replacement service, such as Uber, the Liftshare platform is used by everyday consumers looking to save money on trips they were already going to take, by carpooling with others who are headed the same way.

With the Liftshare app, the platform’s community of 420,000 users can post details of their own car journeys, or search for other drivers also headed to their destination. Travelers can choose their preferred driver using in-app messaging, user reviews and other information, as well as overall cost of the trip. For the driver, they can set the rules when posting their availability, like requesting non-smoking companions.

On the day of a user’s scheduled trip, the app offers reminders and departure updates. The app supports cashless payments so users are never required to carry cash to reach their destination. When the trip is over, users can review their driver to help future Liftshare users make informed decisions.

In terms of pricing, Liftshare says a typical train trip from Manchester to Birmingham can cost £92 (around $138), but with Liftshare, the same ride can cost less than £15 (around $23). This is in addition to the social element of sharing a ride with an, in theory, like-minded individual.

The Liftshare app is available to download for free on Google Play.