LifeStreet Media launches RevJet Mobile Real-Time Bidding Platform

Image via LifeStreet Media

Advertising technology company LifeStreet Media has announced the launch of its RevJet Mobile Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Platform. This fast-growing area of digital advertising sees advertising impressions auctioned off on a one-by-one basis in real time as users interact with content (or open an app, for instance). In the process, ad revenues are then boosted and publishers and advertisers make more money.

During its beta testing, the RevJet Mobile RTB Platform found quick success. “We’ve seen firsthand the rapid growth of LifeStreet’s mobile RTB business and the strength of their RevJet platform,” said Jim Payne, CEO of MoPub, a LifeStreet Mobile RTB beta partner, in a company statement. “LifeStreet has quickly emerged as one of the world’s largest programmatic buyers of mobile in-app advertising.”

According to LifeStreet, the company’s move into RTB is a “natural extension” of its existing platform, which performs high-velocity testing of all digital objects to ensure all ad impressions produce as much revenue as possible. LifeStreet supports all major mobile exchanges and ad platforms, including MoPub, Google AdMob, Smaato, Nexage, Mobclix and more.

“We’ve become a leader in the highly competitive world of display advertising because of the power of our RevJet platform to increase the revenue yields of ad impressions,” added Mitchell Weisman, founder and CEO of LifeStreet Media.

“With the release of the RevJet Mobile RTB Platform, we capitalize on the intersection of two of the biggest opportunities in digital advertising today: RTB and mobile.  Given the stellar growth of RTB and programmatic buying, we’re absolutely thrilled to extend RevJet’s optimization and monetization power to even more advertisers and publishers through these dynamic marketplaces.”

To date, LifeStreet has paid out over $170 million in ad revenue to publishers and has driven 350 million app installs for its advertising customers. It processes 70 billion impressions each month. More information about LifeStreet Media can be found on the company’s website.

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