LifeStreet Media expands app-monetization efforts beyond Facebook

LifeStreet Media carved a nice niche for itself in the Facebook application ecosystem, with more than 3,500 developers using its self-service publisher portal to add display adds to their apps. Starting Monday, the company is looking beyond the social network, expanding the use of its platform to all mobile apps.

LifeStreet Media announced Monday that it is targeting the more than 2 million mobile apps available via the Apple App Store and Google Play with its RevJet monetization engine, which uses what the company calls “universal object serving” technology to tap visual objects (texts, images) and logical objects (ad placements, targeting algorithms) for advertising opportunities within the flow of apps.

Those visual objects and logical objects are incorporated into landing pages, which are created, tested, and optimized so that apps can extract the most revenue from the resulting ads.

Developers can install LifeStreet’s software development kit or link directly to ad exchanges including AdMob, Burstly, and MoPub.

LifeStreet Media said 50 mobile app developers have already been using RevJet via a private beta, adding that its self-service publisher portal provides developers with benefits including 24/7 customer service, customizable real-time reporting, and an intuitive user interface.

Founder and CEO Mitchell Weisman said in a release announcing the launch:

LifeStreet strives to be a developer’s best friend. For advertisers seeking high volumes of new customers, LifeStreet has long been their secret weapon. For social developers seeking to monetize their Facebook apps, LifeStreet has long been the market-leading option. Today, with the launch of our new self-service mobile portal, we hand the monetization power of the RevJet platform directly to mobile developers. Finally, mobile developers truly can make money — lots of it — through highly effective display advertising.

Facebook developers: Are any of you currently LifeStreet Media RevJet users?

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