Lifelong Giants Fan, WCBS Anchor Chris Wragge Set to Cover Super Bowl

It’s a big week for Big Blue and their millions of fans. But perhaps most visibly is Channel 2 anchor Chris Wragge, a diehard Giants fan, who gets the plumb assignment covering Super Bowl week from Indianapolis. Call it in his DNA, Wragge grew up loving the G-Men from day one.

“I’ve been a fan, literally, since birth,” Wragge tells FishbowlNY.

But more than a fan, Wragge and his family have owned Giants season tickets since the G-Men got their own stadium in the Meadowlands in 1976. From that first game as a six-year-old, Wragge got a first row seat (or section 324) to many of the franchise’s memorable moments.

“I’ve been there for every game, from the [Joe] Pisarcik game to the Flipper Anderson game, to the whole run in 1986,” Wragge remembers.

Of course, as a season ticket holder, Wragge is entitled to playoff seats as well. Baseball is famously talked about as the sport where father’s bond with their son. But Wragge would likely have a differing opinion.

“My dad, luckily when I was younger, took me,” Wragge says. “These last couple [of seasons] I’ve started taking him.” Although Wragge says this year, his father won’t make the trip, retired in Florida. While dad isn’t joining his son, Wragge will be once again flanked by a pair of best friends. The trio has shared this “journey through the decades.” 

In 35 years, the only stretch of time that Wragge was a no-show was while he attended the University of New Hampshire on a football scholarship.

Wragge attended the last Giants/Patriots Super Bowl four years ago, but that time as a fan.

“I was doing the Early Show at the time, so it was a little barnstorming event,” Wragge recalls. “It was in Phoenix. CBS had given me tickets for it, but said, ‘We’re not giving you the day off on Saturday.'”

This time, no need to get time off. Wragge is working the Big Game coverage for WCBS, files reports for the morning newscasts and for the 5 and 6 p.m. editions all week from Indianapolis.

“I made myself available,” Wragge laughs. “I said [to management], ‘If you want totally biased coverage, I’m your guy!”  

His love of the Giants was built as child, but cemented as a young adult. As an trainer at a New Jersey health club, Wragge met numerous players working out, including Joe Morris, Dave Jennings, and Phil Simms.

“I got to spot Joe Morris when he had 800 pounds on his back and was squatting,” Wragge says.

But Wragge holds a special place for the legendary Giants QB.

“Phil Simms was, and still is, my idol,” Wragge says. “When he threw an interception, I felt like I threw an interception. You get very possessive of these guys.”

Therefore, it’s no surprise where Wragge’s allegiance lies when it comes time to making a prediction. He’s picking the Giants to beat New England, 31-21.

“Eli’s going to have a field day,” Wragge jokes. “But I’ve been saying that each week.”