LifeInLines is a Lifestreaming Service with a Touch of Sensitivity

There are many lifestream applications available on the web which offers you a platform where you can chronicle your life’s moments in a variety of ways. These lifestream services offer straight-up platforms which are similar to microblogging and social aggregator tools and services. So, it is but a welcome remark that a lifestream services comes off with a lil’ touch of sensitivity – LifeInLines.

LifeInLines or LiL is a social networking/web 2.0 application/service for tracking your life. And when we say tracking, we mean capturing even LiL moments in your life which you often ignore as something not so significant. But we may be neglecting these lil moments too much that we might not notice their importances. LifeInLines want to help us with that problem. LifeInLines offers up a nice-looking platform to help us chronicle and track the ongoings in a our lives.

Ok, enough of the melodramatic touch and let’s get on to business. What does LifeInLines offer in terms of features and functionality. Or more specifically, what can you do at LifeInLines?

LifeInLines lets you capture lil and big moments through email, sms/mms, web, gtalk, and voice through your mobile phone. Once you’ve gathered enough lil moments in your life, you can opt to share some or if not all those moments with your friends or with the whole of the LifeInLines member community.

And by sharing your life lil moments at LifeInLines, you’ll also have the privelege of viewing other members’ publicly shared lil moments.

But of course, if you don’t want to share those lil moments, you can always opt out and choose to keep your life’s lil moments to yourself. But then, you’d lose the chance of putting your lil moments into good use. You somehow deprive the public of the chance to learn from your life’s lil moments.

So, if I were you, I’d use LifeInLines, chronicle my life’s lil moments, and then let the world read and see it. It’s a free social web after all.