Life & Style Weekly Ups Rate Base

life & style.pngHere’s a bright spot in the magazine world: celebrity weekly Life & Style is increasing its rate base 12.5 percent — to 450,000 — effective immediately.

Although there were fears earlier this year that celebrity weeklies’ newsstand sales were suffering due to the recession, stories like Jon and Kate Gosselin’s failing marriage and Michael Jackson’s death have breathed new life into the celeb tabloids.

Life & Style‘s group publisher Mark Oltarsh said the magazine’s circulation “has been trending in a very positive direction” during the first half of the year, warranting the rate base increase. Oltarsh attributed the increase to the magazine’s strengthened celebrity coverage under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Dan Wakeford, who joined the mag in October.

Wakeford said he wanted to balance “celebrity escapism and practical style advice,” introducing new columns like “The 10 Best Dressed Stars of The Week” and “What I Really Eat,” which asks celebrities to give a run down of their diets. Life & Style has also had a few exclusive “gets” this year, including a Kate Gosselin interview after she got caught on camera spanking one of her eight kids.

And Life & Style isn’t the only magazine with good news recently. Earlier this week, Parenting magazine announced it was upping its rate base as well.

Life & Style‘s full release after the jump.


Englewood Cliffs, NJ (July 22, 2009) — Life & Style Weekly Vice President and Group Publisher Mark Oltarsh today announced that Life & Style is increasing its rate base to 450,000 from 400,000 — a rise of 12.5 percent — effective immediately.

“Circulation has been trending in a very positive direction for Life & Style in the first half of 2009,” said Oltarsh. “We’ve been able to carve out a clear position in the marketplace, and readers are responding positively.”

Since taking over the helm of the magazine last October, Editor-in-Chief Dan Wakeford has adapted Life & Style by strengthening its celebrity coverage, putting more emphasis on service and trend information, and providing more lifestyle details to the reader in light of the recent economic downturn.

“My goal with Life & Style is to speak directly to the readers who crave the perfect balance of celebrity escapism and practical style advice,” said Wakeford. “We’re offering twice the value of other publications. We invite readers in to hear about the latest celebrity news and enjoy beautiful photos, as well as give them the most up-to-date and accessible lifestyle features.”

Life & Style is attracting young, female readers with a strong fashion and style sensibility. As the magazine has evolved under Wakeford, he has added several new columns, including “The 10 Best Dressed Stars of The Week,” “What I Really Use” and “What I Really Eat” — showcasing a celebrity giving the reader direct insight into the products she uses for her beauty regime or insight into her diet — and a weekly column with acclaimed fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi, where he solves readers’ fashion dilemmas.

A number of celebrities have also come to the magazine to tell their empowering stories since Wakeford has made over the publication. Among them are reality star Kim Kardashian who openly admitted she had cellulite and allowed the magazine to photograph her in a bikini, where she shared her imperfections with Life & Style readers. Jennifer Love Hewitt also opened up about the pressure to be thin and campaigned for the end of the size zero obsession. Additionally, Jon & Kate Plus 8’s Kate Gosselin chose Life & Style to explain controversial photos of her spanking her child.

The magazine is also at the forefront of breaking celebrity news, most recently being the first publication to name the medications Michael Jackson had been taking at the time of his death and reveal there were drugs not prescribed in his name that were found at his home.

“Based on our new editorial direction, we’ve started to see a number of advertisers coming into the magazine,” said Oltarsh. “We’re excited to be breaking new business across a variety of categories, allowing our clients direct access to shoppers who are ready to buy.” New advertisers include Procter & Gamble brands Olay, Secret and Pantene; OP; Rampage; Frito Lay; Wrigley and Burger King.