Life After PR: Communications Professors Wanted

Each year, hundreds of universities search for new public relations faculty, and most searches come up empty, says Deborah Silverman at PRSAY. That’s because it’s hard to find applicants that have PR experience, a master’s degree, teaching experience and plans for research.
That is a pretty hefty skillset, to be sure, and Silverman says that it gets worse: some colleges prefer a Ph.D over a master’s, which narrows the field even more.
That means that for the right person, the field is wide open, so if you’ve ever wanted to pay it forward or just get back into the ivory tower, consider teaching. PRSA is plugging its Learning to Teach curriculum, which helps PR pros transition into academia; one of those sessions is coming up in October (see last item on this page). To get the skills without paying this bill, you could also schedule informational interviews with PR academics near you, get some guest-lecturing or community college cred, and/or just start sending out resumes and checking job boards for open slots.
photo: Rainer Ebert