Life After Bad TV Show–at the New Yorker

Paul Slansky, purveror of humor, is shouting and murmuring at the New Yorker. Slansky is one of an elite who worked on a particularly ill-fated TV venture, FOX’s The Wilton North Report, which took a light-hearted look at the news when Jon Stewart was picking out bands for his retainer.

WNR was short-lived, but the alums seem to have done okay, even though none of them mention the show on their IMDB listings. The writing team of Conan O’Brien and Greg Daniels have split up but gone on, head writer Billy Kimball managed to marry well, Nell Scovell scrounged around, and Paul Krassner is still alive.
That’s a lot of talent for a show that’s considered a shameful failure. Too far ahead of its time? Or too stupid to live? We’d love to see it back on YouTube, and judge for outselves.

And hey! How about a reunion?

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