Lie Hard with a Vengeance: The Hunt for Red-faced Liars

Oh my.

The Pellicano matter keeps expanding. Moments ago, director of “The Hunt for Red October” was charged with lying to the Feds. 197_d_normal.jpg

Reuters quotes from a two-page document that accuses McTiernan of lying to the FBI when he told agents during an interview that “he had no knowledge of any wiretapping conducted by Anthony Pellicano and had never discussed wiretapping with Anthony Pellicano.”

And, the filing goes on,

“In fact, as defendant McTiernan well knew, he had hired and paid Anthony Pellicano to conduct a wiretapping of [“Batman Begins” producer] Charles Roven and Anthony Pellicano had discussed with defendant McTiernan his interception of Charles Roven’s telephone calls and the information that Anthony Pellicano had obtained from that wiretap,”

the court papers say.

Apparently, McTiernan and Roven had collaborated on the 2002 MGM abortion, “Rollerball.” Could it be that McTiernan was so desperate to know the plot of the movie, he resorted to tapping Roven’s phones?

Whatever the case, this is about to get SO much more interesting.