Libre Office Coming to Android

There are many paid and free office suites for Android, but none have a development  community like Libre Office.  That’s why I’m pleased to tell you that a new project is underway to port the open source office suite to Android.

As you can see from the screenshot at right, the app needs a lot of work. Right now the app is still using the original UI, which was designed for laptops and desktops, and is only marginally useful on a tablet. But the project is far enough along that much of the behind the scenes work is done; most of what’s left is fixing the user interface andworking out the bugs

According to Michael Meeks, the developer working on the app, “As part of the Google Summer of Code, Iain Billet is working hard at building a Java viewer UI for LibreOffice, that will integrate nicely into the platform, and provide fast pan / zoom / page-flip browsing, and all that good stuff you expect. Tor meanwhile (modulo having just left for vacation), is working on tiled page rendering to textures. That will allow us to quickly render portions of document content at any scale, asynchronously in a background thread, to suit the viewer. This is going reasonably well.”