Librarians Share Their Tech Tools

Do you ever wonder what kind of technology librarians use at home? In The Library with the Lead Pipe asked a few and found out some interesting things on their tech shelf.

Ellie Collier, Reference Librarian at Austin Community College said: “My main computer is my little netbook, an Asus Eee PC 1000HE. And more and more, my Motorola Droid.”

Emily Drabinski, Instruction Librarian at Long Island University, Brooklyn, said that she uses: “ a 13-inch white MacBook at home, an Dell OptiPlex desktop that takes up my entire desk top in the office, a Motorola Cliq phone that I wish had the latest Android update, a second-generation Kindle, and an 8GB fifth-generation iPod Nano.”

Paula Brehm-Heeger, Library Services Manager at Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County dreams about The Quantum computer described in The Traveler trilogy by John Twelve Hawks. She explained: “How awesome would it be to have technology designed by beings from another realm?”

She is also in the market for her first eReader. She said: “The iPad seems impressive but is much more than an ebook reader, so maybe the Nook is the best option for my particular need. I’m planning to make a decision sometime before the Holiday season. Whatever I select, my ideal set up would allow for easy, simply downloading of ebooks and viewing them on a device that is lightweight with reader-friendly eink. I think even the highest-end ebook readers aren’t quite there on reproducing the eye-friendly feel of ink on paper. But it’s close.”