Liberal Journalist Receives Liberal Kick in the Butt

On Monday, we told you that a person associated with the liberal Center for American Progress was shown the door recently when he tried to cover a meeting sponsored by the conservative Young America’s Foundation. Conor Clarke, a writer with the organization’s Campus Progress online publication, has now detailed what it feels like to get shown the door by young Republicans:

I went to the conference, as a reporter for The Washington Monthly, to engage with conservative ideas and continue the research on college organizing that I had been doing all summer. I also agreed to blog on the event for But it was not to be…I was approached by YAF’s spokesman, Jason Mattera, on my way to see Newt Gingrich.

“Who do you work for?” Mattera demanded, with a touch of petulance.

“The Washington Monthly,” I told him.

“Are you writing for anyone else?” “I’m blogging for Campus Progress.”

And that did the trick. “There’s the elevator,” Mattera pointed. “I can have one of my interns push the down button.” But it didn’t end there. What happened to the vaunted marketplace of ideas, I asked. The openness and exchange?

Check out Clarke’s full rant, and be nice to him. He’s been beaten up enough this week.