LG15—The Gift That Keeps on Giving


Just when the LG15 quasi-mystery is solved and we’re all ready to move on (most of us–Denise Hamilton just caught up), conspiracy theory emails show up.

FBLA got one, and the NY Times’ Virginia Heffernan is on the mailing list, too. Virgina, who’s really nice in email as well as astute in print, thus embarrassing us for trying to be funny about her willingness to believe, thinks the email sender takes “the wack line”. She told FBLA:

Being credulous about new stuff is part of the conceit of the Screens blog…Did get the (sic) stuff, and the link where s/he compares LG’s face and the face of the woman in Flemming film. It’s been interesting to see various Asperger’s-like sleuths looking for Bree try to figure out if two people look alike using measurements and physiognomy. They set up these elaborate compare/contrast presentations. When why not just look at the two pics and say same girl/not same girl?
I don’t know about you, but I’ll allow that Jessica Rose could be “Bree”‘s identical twin. But otherwise they’re the same.

The link menioned is here. FBLA isn’t convinced, and we don’t believe in the identical twin. Nor in an identical cousin. Jessica’s mom, back home in New Zealand, sends callers to (surprise, surprise) her agent.

The obsessed emailer wrote:

I believe one lesson that can be learned is that if you know who to contact within the various media outlets you can quickly discredit someone.

To use the vernacular: No shit, Sherlock.

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