LG to Launch DivX-capable European Handset


In case you were wondering why we’re down on the major U.S. cell phone carriers so often—you know, aside from high plan prices, restrictive policies, contract cancellation fees, and the fact that they disable perfectly good features in handsets if they can’t figure out how to monetize them—here’s yet another reason.

Engadget reports that LG will launch the KF750 handset in Europe in May. This sleek beauty has a number of interesting media features, such as a five-megapixel camera, face recognition, and the ability to shoot DivX videos at a stunning 120 frames per second. It also has haptic feedback keys (which vibrate the phone when you touch them), an auto-rotating touch screen (similar to the iPhone, we presume) and a plethora of Google mobile applications.

Like all new phones, though, we won’t see a compatible version stateside until a carrier gets around to picking it up and “approving” it for our networks, which is something that other countries don’t have to put up with. So if we’re lucky, we’ll see it 12 to 18 months after Europe does. It’s a hard life.