3 Ways to Elevate Your Business’ Super Bowl Ad Campaign

Here are three tips to help your brand effectively engage with Sunday’s enormous audience

On the biggest advertising day of the year, Super Bowl Sunday, the world’s biggest brands are typically front and center. But beautiful creative isn’t just for large companies.

Here at Facebook, our Creative Shop team, which is designed to be the advertising industry’s partner in unlocking creative possibilities for businesses of all sizes, is helping brands create beautiful, professional ads that take advantage of the Super Bowl’s tremendous reach.

With 64 percent of consumers using their mobile devices while watching TV and 20 percent of all mobile time spent on Facebook and Instagram, businesses can capture the opportunity that mobile presents before and after the game.

And as businesses begin thinking about their big game campaigns, here are three tips to help your brand effectively engage with Sunday’s enormous audience.

  1. Think mobile first: On Super Bowl Sunday, consumers tend to be short on time and on the move. When building your ads, consider how your audience will engage with their mobile devices by creating visuals that are designed to get your core message across quickly. Additionally, it is important to make sure that your message is comprehensible even if the audience does not click in for sound, otherwise people may not hear it over the cheering.
  2. Play off the game: There are many cultural nuances of the Big Game that can be taken and leveraged to inform your creative. For instance, you may want to highlight competition in your ad, or even relate to imagery that has a Super Bowl feel, such as winners, losers, champions, etc. The game is on people’s minds, so use it to your advantage by linking it to your business.
  3. Leverage pregame anticipation and postgame excitement: The build up to the Big Game is a huge opportunity for your business, so it’s important to take advantage of these pre-game rituals to help drive affinity and awareness. For example, if you are a food brand, it would be beneficial to think about Super Bowl-related recipes and offers that your audience would love. After the game, consider how you can build upon the viewers’ excitement, or even commiserations, to connect with them further. If you are a beer brand, it may be about drowning your sorrows. Lastly, there are also pivotal moments during the game that have the potential to become cultural moments. Oreo took full advantage of this during the 2013 Super Bowl by posting its creative minutes after the stadium blackout occurred. Moments like these get pivotal attention, so consider how your brand ties into these instances and post your creative in a timely manner.

To learn more about how a business gained success by reaching football fans on Super Bowl Sunday, check out CHEF’D’s story here.

Lewis Tutssel is a small and midsized business creative strategist at Facebook Creative Shop.

Image courtesy of mrgao/iStock.

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