Lewis Perdue Wants Readers To Choose His Book Cover

Author Lewis Perdue is inviting readers to help him choose the cover for his next book, Die By Wire. The author has five different choices listed on his website and is asking readers to vote on their favorite by December 7th.

The book is a conspiracy thriller about global terrorism. Here is more from Perdue’s website: “When guardian sniper Mira Longbow arrives in Amsterdam to take out the head of a global child-smuggling ring, she quickly stumbles across a diabolically creative, high-tech jihad that will bring the West to its knees. Problem is, she also crosses paths with Jackson Day, an unwanted visitor, and would-be lover from her turbulent past in Iraq. Day is a deadly effective loner assigned to the Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Command whose motto (and his) is ‘Never Fight Fair.'”

Follow this link to vote.