Lewis Lazare: ‘We’re Back’

‘We’re back, just like that,” says former Chicago Sun-Times media columnist Lewis Lazare, using the royal we on ReelChicago.com.

Lazare was laid off from the Sun-Times earlier this year after an 11-year tenure at the paper covering advertising, marketing, and TV.

He “always told it as he saw it, in an entertaining and thoughtful manner, although his critiques stung if you were the stingee. And he always coughed up an apology on those rare occasions when it got it wrong (believe me, it happens),” wrote ReelChicago’s Ruth Ratny at the time. “Nonetheless, Lazare’s moving on leaves a huge gap in agency news coverage and adds to the impression that Chicago’s ad community is sinking slowly into obscurity, instead of boasting how big, important and impressive it actually is.”

Now, Ratny has hired Lazare to write more or less the same column for her website. “We like breaking news,” Lazare wrote, “but profiles and perspective pieces will have their place in the mix as well. We hope to keep it interesting. Relevant. Readable. And fun. Why not?”