Lewis Black Awaits Verdicts On Daily Show Spinoff, FX Pilot


We knew Daily Show correspondent Lewis Black was working on a Daily Show spinoff called Red State Diaries. The show is still “in the pipeline,” according to a spokesperson for the Daily Show, though the show is not a spinoff in the sense of the Colbert Report, which employs Jon Stewart‘s production team. Its fate is undecided.

Lewis tells the Onion A.V. Club this week that he has also completed a pilot for FX in which he plays a pundit who goes to Washington “and gets a big job, screws himself over and has to come back to his life in New York and start back at square one, and he’s always living on the edge.”

Lewis, the author of Nothing Sacred, also tells the paper he’s not planning on starting his next book for while. “Anybody who likes writing a book is an idiot. Because it’s impossible, it’s like having a homework assignment every day.”

Interview: Lewis Black [Onion A.V. Club]