Levi’s Uses Events Marketing for Sales Promotions [Updated]

Levi’s has begun to use some interesting event marketing on Facebook to promote sales on its web site, as well as its stores via its Facebook Page and profile advertisements.

As we’ve noted previously, Levi’s has been particularly active on Facebook, working with the company to premiere the social plugins on its web site and using the Facebook to promote its presence at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin earlier this year.

The profile advertisements ask users to RSVP to a sale, for example a recent ad read: “RSVP ‘Yes’ for 30% off at Levi’s Castro Store this Thursday (7/15) – Sunday (7/18) only! Plenty of street parking.” There’s also an option to Like the ad.

Visiting the event’s landing page reveals that thousands of people have responded to the ads, which apparently aim to convert Facebook fans into brick and mortar customers. The page includes obvious information — such as time, location and sale information — but also a Wall, a list of people attending (with thumbnails) and maps with store locations. On the Wall Facebook users discuss their favorite products, give thanks for the sale or just generally enthuse about the promotion.

Levi’s is also advertising Internet-only sales on its Facebook Page. Links provided on status updates and Wall posts take users to the company’s web site, which also implements Facebook social plugins.

So, conceivably, it’s possible to participate in the entire cycle of Levi’s Facebook marketing by responding to the event advertisement, which appears in the activity feed, then responding to a status update or Wall post and Liking something on the web site, which also appears in the news feed.

What’s not included in this campaign is a location-based service tied to advertising, like what you services like Foursquare providing — some sort of way for users to “check in” to Levi’s using a mobile device and share that information back with friends. Perhaps we’ll see something like that, soon? Facebook is already working with McDonald’s on something similar as part of its forthcoming location-based service.

[Update: Per questions, below, we asked Facebook how this fits in with its Promotions Guidelines managing “sweepstakes, contest, competition or other similar offerings.” Facebook tells us that “since this is a coupon and not a promotion, it doesn’t fall under our Promotions Guidelines at this time.”