Leverage Yourself As An Expert by Using Social Media [Infographic]

Things are moving fast in the world of social networks.  Someone has opened the flood gates and users are streaming in.  With each passing week the character and demographic of each network changes.  That said, it can be really difficult for someone who wants to make their voice heard to know which network to use.  A new infographic helps explain the difference between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

While a lot of infographics rely only on the stats or rely only on anecdotal observations, this one truly has some smart insights into the networks.  For instance, trying to connect to too many people on Facebook will reduce the genuineness of each connection.   The infographic also breaks down the user counts for each network, as well as the demographics.  For instance, 23% of LinkedIn users are between 35 and 44.  Pretty surprising!  Thanks to the people at Zintro for the link.