Letterman to do Oprah

When sardonic New York-based David Letterman gets together with the tempermentally, Chicago-based Oprah Winfrey, the result is unmitigated, nougaty media magic. It wasn’t always that way, though. After years of serving as the butt of some light-hearted ribbing — think: ”Oprah, Uma, Uma, Oprah” — Winfrey was quoted in Time Magazine in 2003 as saying that she would never appear on The Late Show with David Letterman because he made her feel “completely uncomfortable.” You and every other viewer, Oprah; that’s the beauty of the show.

In 2005, however, Winfrey reversed herself appeared on the Late show to face an uncharacteristically effusive Letterman. ”I can’t thank you enough,” said Letterman during the interview. ”I really can’t thank you enough. It means a great deal to me. And I’m just very happy.”

Of course he was. That appearance garnered Letterman more than three times his Nielsen average in ratings and allowed him the rarest of all pearls — a victory over his arch-nemesis, Jay Leno. From The AP (via Forbes):

”David Letterman will make his first appearance on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ next month, another sign the talk-show titans have buried the hatchet after a rift that lasted more than a decade.

”Letterman will tape the interview, a rare appearance on someone else’s show, on Sept. 10 at Madison Square Garden in New York, Winfrey’s production company announced Wednesday.”