Letterese Never Says Die re: Scientology and Cruise

cruise4.jpgPeter Letterese, who filed a $265 million lawsuit against the Church of Scientology and Tom Cruise, just won’t let the Scientols alone.

Now, he’s offering to reimburse (press release here) anyone as much as $100 million (out of his lawsuit settlement) who feels Scientology stole from them or even misled them.

“I have been thinking for some time…concerning thousands and thousands, perhaps millions of people who have stated that they severely regret having placed their trust in (L. Ron) Hubbard and Scientology only to have been…both lied to as well as defrauded by Scientology across the world over many decadeds,” Letterese railed.

The ex-Scientologist wants to make whatever earnings he may glean from the Church available to reimburse “lost savings or college funds, to rescue overstressed mortgages or help rectify any other financial crisis which their ‘investment’ in Scientology may have or contributed to.”

Nobody is quite convinced that Letterese will win in court, but if he does, it may be party central in Florida.

He includes his personal email in case you’re interested: endjudicialabuse@aol.com.