Letter To Arthur Now Includes Quotes From NYT Staffers

The Newspaper Guild of New York was a little upset when they heard that departed New York Times Company CEO Janet Robinson would get her full $15 million pension while the foreign citizen employees’ pension was frozen. Before Christmas, they sent an open letter to Arthur Sulzberger Jr expressing their gripes.

The site hosting the open letter, http://saveourtimes.com, now features quotes from NYT staffers in addition to the letter.

“We’ve had foreign staff who lived in terror that they would lose their positions because our pension was the only way they could ever retire,” Walt Baranger (who is listed as “assistant to the editor in the news technology department”) said.

Here’s a quote from Rosalie Radomsky, News Assistant/Writer: “I hope you realize how devoted we are to the paper, and how far we go to get the news for you, the countless hours we put in to contribute to this great newspaper, way beyond the monetary compensation in return. This is the moment for you to step up, to show we’re not merely anonymous numbers, that you care for our well-being, the same way we care for the integrity, and well-being of this great newspaper.”

“I feel that the gap between what Janet Robinson will be leaving with, and what we are being offered, is simply wrong,” said domestic correspondent Tamar Lewin.

Times, your move.