Let’s Talk Rockies

The laid-off staffers from the now-defunct Rocky Mountain News have apparently recovered from the InDenverTimes disaster, because their new venture, the Rocky Mountain Independent, launched yesterday.

Steve Foster, one of RMI’s editors, told Westword that he had high hopes for RMI since the new site had a much more defined focus.

“We made a bold effort, but we failed to create a site that would generate enough original content. And now, that’s our focus. That’s about all we will do is produce original content. And that was a big lesson that we learned from our time there. Anybody can aggregate news. But if you want to be noteworthy, have an original site, you have to produce original content that people want.”

The new site offers most of its content for free, but access to reporters’ columns and live chats costs an extra $4 a month (or $24 for one year, which is 50% off).

But wait a second.

If the original plan at InDenverTimes was to lock in 50,000 subscribers at $60 a year, then the Rocky Mountain Independent will need 62,500 subscribers at $48 a year or more than 120 thousand subscribers at the reduced, $24 a year rate.

Anyone pointed this out to them? (We have, and will update this post when we get a response…)

And guys? If you’re asking me to send you FOUR DOLLARS the least you can do is accept Paypal. My computer’s over here, and my wallet’s over there, and I’m not going to walk all the way over there just to pull out my credit card for something that costs less than a Starbucks.