Let’s Reach Into the UnBeige Mailbag…


We’ve got mail!

All the way from North Carolina, Caroline Okun sends us Windhover, a literary and arts publication from NC State. This issue features 2000 custom-designed covers made at a “cover-making event”–ours is lovingly stamped with drill bits.

Much ado has been made about the banners that unfurled in Times Square, but just as remarkable is the oversized poster of the entire exhibition which arrived at our door. Reduced to the size of matchbooks and arranged in a grid, “reading” the banners becomes an exercise in isolating common themes–the pine tree air freshener motif was picked up in no less than three designs!

And finally, perhaps the highlight of our week, the latest Pentagram Paper from a little designer you may have heard of named Armin Vit. It’s a selection of images from Mexican monografias, elementary school primers that explain life and science with delightful illustration. Above you’ll find a detail of our very favorite spread, entitled “Alcoholismo.” Let the learning begin.